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II. Spring Training Workshop

Esprit de Corps Toastmasters’ Spring Training

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to brush up on your Toastmasters’ skills during two dynamic workshops you can use immediately in your club.

Workshop #1 – Professional Speech Evaluations by Leon Steyn, ATMB

This workshop will emphasize the importance of quality feedback and evaluations by reviewing evaluation criteria and coaching opportunities. The following topics will be covered in-depth through a series of practical exercises: elements of quality feedback and advice; evaluation criteria; overcoming potential obstacles; and four steps to effective coaching.

Leon brings many years of Toastmasters experience to the table as well as a diverse array of work experience in the field of strategic change management and organizational design. Further he is a member of the Coaching and Mentoring Association of South Africa. In a nutshell, he knows what he’s talking about. 

Workshop # 2 – Parliamentary Procedure in Action by Bärbel Wallon, ACS, ALB

            This workshop is the ideal place for Toastmasters to polish an important tool in their leadership toolbox. Bärbel will help participants understand and apply Robert’s Rule of Order (the method prescribed by Toastmasters for running business meetings). Effectively using these rules leads to better debates, clearer decisions and fairer treatment for all members.  This workshop will feature five fifteen-minute exercises enabling participants to experience Robert’s Rules first-hand.

            In addition to her Toastmasters’ credentials, Bärbel leads and facilitates discussions and decision making professionally. Additionally, she has served as the Division F Division Director for the past year, so she knows parliamentary procedure.

Organizational details

Date:               Saturday, May 25, 2019

Time:               10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location:         Saalbau Dornbusch, Eschersheimerlandstrasse 248, Frankfurt

Cost:                20 EUR for both; payable at the door

To register send an e-mail with your name, address and phone number to

Spring Training Workshop by Esprit de Corps Toastmasters

Spring Training Workshop


organized by Esprit de Corps Toastmasters, 27 April 2019

Time: 10 AM – 14 PM

Place: Saalbau Dornbusch

Registration Fee: EUR 20, small snacks and drinks included

Please register in advance:, or 0152-54019589


Voice training:

  • Affirmations for your start
  • How to prepare yourself for public speaking
  • Waking up the motivation behind


  • How motion creates story and how story creates motion.
  • Giving emotion into your speech
  • Tension
  • Components of actions: jump, stillness, gestures.

Methods of memory training:

Memory as a key for a good preparation, tools for remembering longer texts.

  • Super memory: Kevin Horsley
  • How to store information in mental pictures; Lectures from the grand master of memory Mattias Ribbing

Improvisation game: Use gained knowledge & practice it.

Mindfulness meditation: Short meditation as a punchline of our meeting.

See more details about the workshop in the attachment:

Contests are Coming!

Club Contest

It´s finally time for the International Speech Contest! On the 4th of February Esprit de Corps Toastmasters holds its Club Contest for speech, evaluation and table topic. The winner of each contest will proceed to the Area Contest.
Members can sign up as a contestant or role taker in Easyspeak and guests – as usual – are more than welcome to join the audience of this spectacular evening.
The contest will take place in Saalbau Gallus (Frankenallee 111, 60326 Frankfurt)

Christmas Party at Esprit de Corps

The best night of the year is finally coming: Esprit de Corps Christmas Party on the 3rd of December from 7pm at the restaurant SC1880 (Feldgerichtstrasse 29, Frankfurt). Registration in advance required.

Due to the Christmas Party, the next regular Monday club meeting takes place on 10th of December in Saalbau Dornbusch as usual.

Table Topics Marathon

What is better than a single table topic session?? Of course… a whole evening full with table topics!!
On Monday 1st of October, Esprit de Corps is holding a meeting only for table topics. Members, guests, newbies and experts are welcome to join the evening, both in the audience and in the speakers’ group.