Develop your skills

Develop your skills

Toastmasters will help you learn and practice a wide range of skills. You’ll greatly improve your communication skills: you’ll learn to formulate, express and sell your ideas with poise and confidence. You’ll improve your ability to listen and evaluate others’ ideas. You’ll introduce speakers, conduct meetings, offer constructive criticism, and perform other roles that give you plenty of communication experience.

You’ll also learn leadership skills when you organize and conduct club meetings. You can develop these skills further by serving as a club officer, formulating and implementing plans to help the club.

Moreover, at our club you will mix with people of all nationalities, giving you a truly international experience. Esprit de Corps Toastmasters Club is a place were you can train your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. You will always receive competent feedback that helps you to make progress. If you are up for a challenge you may also compete in one of the contests that take place twice a year on different levels.

Pathways – Current Education System

The former education system was replaced with Pathways, a dynamic hybrid learning experience blending computer-based training together with “live meetings”. Within this system, members embark on a journey that brings together the two former tracks: the communication track and the leadership track.

With so many paths to select from, members experience a wider variety of projects and find projects more suited to their particular goals. For more information, and to sample your first project, please check our Pathways page.

Two tracks – Former Education System

There are two tracks that you can work on in parallel: the Communication Track, where you will improve your speaking skills through a series of speech projects, and the Leadership Track, where you will train your leadership abilities by taking over different roles in the Club. By completing different manuals with series of projects you can reach different levels of proficiency all the way up to becoming a “Distinguished Toastmaster”.